Kids’ Snowboard Jackets – Your Buying Guide for the Winter

All that tumble and fall in the snow is bound to cause a lot of wear and tear. However, the trouble is not only when the jackets get damaged but also when the kids are exposed to the cold. Jackets that don’t fit well make kids uncomfortable and get in the way of having fun.

Tips to buy the right kind of kids snowboard jackets

There are many different types of kids snowboard jackets available in stores. Choosing one for your kids can be a challenge with endless styles and options to compare. Look for a few important features to make sure that the snowboard jacket you buy is just right for your child.

• Choose snowboard jackets and pants that have a zip-together or snap- together feature. Such features ensure that the kids jacket and pant fit well without air or snow getting in through the mid section. These types of kids snowboard jackets offer perfect insulation.

• Select a longer jacket because snowboarding involves a lot of sitting down and bending. Longer jackets offer more coverage.

• Mesh goggle pockets are useful if you want to store your kid wants to store his or her goggles away on a sunny day and bring the sunglasses out instead.

• If your child is a music-buff, look for a jacket that has internal wire-friendly music pockets. These are great to keep iPods in.

• Jackets with adjustable hoods are convenient for keeping the wind away from your kid’s head and not getting bunched up if they wear a helmet.

• Pit zips help with air flow. This makes the jacket comfortable to wear and your child does not feel stuffy wearing it.

• After selecting the right type of jacket, you also need to check that the sizing is perfect for your child. A jacket that is too tight is uncomfortable and one that is too big is ineffective against the cold. Here are a few things you can keep in mind to pick the correct size:

o You can find kids snowboard jackets that have a ‘grow’ feature built into them. This feature allows the jacket to be adjusted to a few sizes bigger. It’s an excellent option, especially if you are buying for 2 to 8 year olds.

o Always refer to the sizing chart when picking out a jacket.

o To check the fit, get your child to stretch out his or her arms. Ideally, the jacket cuff should be between the wrist and the fingertip.

• Invest in quality; always. A good kids snowboard jacket may be expensive but it will last longer and your child will derive greater benefit from it. Quality jackets are ergonomically designed and constructed to provide maximum comfort and durability.

Winter fun takes on a whole new dimension with a good kids snowboard jacket. Find the right one and help your child enjoy hours of snowboarding fun.

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