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2016-8-16 fashion Fashion

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Wildfox ‘Academy’ Fall 2016 Lookbook

2016-8-11 fashion Fashion

I want to start by saying that every look is not for everybody, some people have a different aesthetic and a lot of times this keeps people from investigating the individual pieces that make up a lookbook. One of the greatest things about fashion, however, is the ability to curate a look from nearly any piece, and that can certainly be done with the pieces in theWildfox ‘Academy’ fall 2016 lookbook that are already available at Wildfox.com. The affluent, sweet and bored aesthetic may not be your goal, but every piece in this collection is completely wearable.

Wildfox 'Academy' Fall 2016 Lookbook

The makeup is very doll like with spread out lash clusters on wide eyes and dewy, rosy looks, which matched beautifully well with the vintage private school chic surroundings. There were even fascinators and fishnets!

The looks feature layers and layers and beautifully placed accessories. My favorite part of most lookbooks is the accessories and Wildfox did not disappoint. I am in love with their AMAZING eyewear; literally every piece was gorgeous. The two toned round spectacles are my favorite, but the shades were equally amazing.

Another favorite was a dark grey, nearly black sweatshirt with the words ‘Cry BB’ spelled out in sweetheart candies. This design was also seen on a T-shirt that was paired with a soft cardigan, high collared lace shirt, mid-length skirt, thigh-high fishnets and what appeared to be cute wedges all in light tones.

Wildfox 'Academy' Fall 2016 Lookbook

Not bright, nothing in the lookbook was overbearing or harsh, nothing definitively bright or dark. Wildfox brought a vintage look that had a fresh take, while also preserving sustained existence in the fashion world – the ever sought after timeless quality.

There is lace, bows, prints, cardigans, dresses, skirts, oversized sweaters, and T-shirts. All of these looks were finished off with ribbons, bows, belts, fabulous eyewear, various length sheer and knit socks in a variety of shades, chunky heeled shoes and even knit hats. Sure most lookbooks feature all of these pieces and they can easily be checked off, but no matter the number of layers, the pieces meshed well. Each of these aspects was layered together for a cute, debutante-esque look, complete with a tea party and even a Dalmatian.

Wildfox 'Academy' Fall 2016 Lookbook

Wildfox 'Academy' Fall 2016 Lookbook

The design featured a soft palette, bikes and plenty of outdoor shots. Even the ‘Anatomy of a Bike Basket’ was cute and rich girl geared (as shown by the black Amex and vintage gold Rolex watch). Books and gilded wrought iron doors were as much a part of the look as the clothes.

The Wildfox ‘Academy’ fall 2016 lookbook is a smorgasborg of possibilities, the looks fine as they are, but each piece capable of creating so many more. I myself prefer a darker aesthetic, but the more I looked at this lookbook, the more opportunities I found to incorporate a piece or two into existing outfits I have, or re-accessorizing looks that were already designed.

Wildfox did an excellent job, the yearbook styled fall 2016 lookbook was amazing, and every piece was given the opportunity to shine while helping promote the overall look and feel. The quotes were a nice touch as well – I’ll be using a few of those myself and hopefully wearing a few pieces from the Wildfox Couture 2016 collection in the very near future.

Wildfox 'Academy' Fall 2016 Lookbook

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5 Under $500: Bags in Rich Fall Colors

2016-8-11 fashion Fashion

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2016-8-8 fashion Fashion


Karl Lagerfeld’s ingenuity and brilliance shone brighter once again in Chanel’s Fall Winter 2016 Ad Campaign. Just when you thought Karl gave all his best for Chanel, think again for this particular campaign, his fashion magic is too spellbinding not to notice and laud.

Chanel chose Mariacarla Boscono & Sarah Brannon in their latest ad campaign. Channeling a fun, vibrant and youthful vibe, the images are in a collage form that doesn’t fall short of these adjectives.


For this particular ad, Chanel is featuring the New Peace Mini Flap Bag. We’ve featured this bag before and is now making a great splash in the fashion scene by being included in the Fall/Winter 2016 Collection.

Sporting a golden champagne color that is irresistibly gorgeous, this particular flap bag redefined how a shoulder bag should look like. The two hands with the peace sign ideally placed on the right side of the bag are the total eye candies! They have this shiny dazzling effect that gave the bag the elegance and allure that it deserves.




























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2016-8-8 fashion Fashion


We’ve featured and talked about the Prada Cahier Bag a few weeks back but due to demand and its popularity, we’re going to take a closer look at it. Yes ladies, the Prada Cahier Bag up close and personal.

There’s nothing much said about this particular bag except for the fact that it not only looks elegant but also looks sturdy from the outside thanks to its leather and bronze hardware ensemble. Now what about the inside?

Aside from its box-like structure, the Cahier Bag has more to offer. Aesthetically speaking, it has an exquisite look to it. The bronze lettering logo in front and the lace closure on the front are the definite attention grabbers. The leather shoulder strap embellished with bronze studs also added a sense of spunk to it.

On the inside, it has two inside compartments and two inside pockets, including one with flap.

Measuring 20 x 14.5 x 7 (L x H x W) cm 





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Two Louis Vuitton Replica Bags Sites, Very Different Quality

2016-8-8 fashion Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton replica bags are usually easy to find, given the fact that it’s still the most sought-after brand in the world. But as I told you before, this also means that it will more difficult to pick out the good ones and stay away from bad fakes.

Louis Vuitton Replica Bags Reviews

The first bag I want to show you today is a Louis Vuitton replica Chain Louise bag. This is a gorgeous, classic, luxurious bag. Then I will show you a Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit replica. Wondering which of them is the good fake Louis Vuitton? I think you’ll be able to tell after checking out the photos of these two Louis Vuitton replica bags. The difference in quality is more than obvious!

This Louis Vuitton Chain Louise replica was purchased from PurseValley.cn while the LV Lockit knockoff was bought from a site that I never heard before.

“Hi Eva! Here is my replica LV Chain Louise bag black. I just wanted to thank you for your recommendation and show you a few pics, like I promised
	<p class=

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